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New corporate campus puts sports company's brand on full display The ASICS North America Headquarters is a two-building, 121,000-square-foot office campus that reflects the company's mission to promote health, fitness and wellness. Joining traditional office functions with a separate sports training center, designers emphasized the brand's culture with features such as product display walls and accent colors used in ASICS shoes. The design for the office wing converted a two-story, mid-tech building into a cutting-edge corporate headquarters. The building includes workstations, conference rooms, private offices, open and asics uk enclosed meeting spaces and a cafeteria named the 10K Café that prepares nutritious meals for employees. 

Interiors feature polished concrete floors, plywood-ribbed hallways and bold-colored accent walls. Modern furnishings are sleek yet ergonomic. The design also includes ASICS branding graphics that express the athletic nature of the company.ÿþAcademic journal Neuropharmacology 2014 OECD Field of science Biological sciences Keywords {Mechanotransduction / ASICs / "Ion channels" / Mechanoreceptor / Nociceptor / Touch / "Potassium channels"} Abstract of research paper on Biological sciences, author of scientific article  Damir Omerbaai, Laura-Nadine Schuhmacher, Yinth-Andrea Bernal Sierra, Ewan St. 

We conclude that other, as yet unknown, molecular partners of ASIC proteins may be decisive in determining their precise physiological role in mechanosensory neurons.the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans requires a two transmembrane, amiloride-sensitive ion channel protein related to epithelial sodium channels (ENaCs) (Driscoll and Chalfie, 1991; Ernstrom and Chalfie, 2002). This protein, called MEC-4, forms a heteromeric Na+-selective channel together with MEC-10, and a detailed body of work has shown that this channel carries the receptor current, which initiates body touch reception in C. elegans asics gt 2000 5 (Ernstrom and Chalfie, 2002; O'Hagan et al., 2005; O'Hagan and Chalfie, 2006). 

Below we have summarized the published literature starting with those channels for which the most robust changes have been observed after gene targetingThe study of Asic gene knock-out mice has clearly implicated this ion channel family in mechanosensation, however, the apparent increase in certain mechanosensitive properties upon deletion of ASICs suggests that these channels function as regulators and modulators of mechanosensation, rather than transducers. Another possible explanation for the complex phenotypes observed in the knock-out studies would be [Obrazek: asics%20gt%202000%205-380hgq.jpg]functional redundancy of the remaining ASICs and/or compensatory effects.

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